Flying joga

  • How to sign up
  • What to wear
  • How does a lesson look like
  • About Aero yoga

How to sign up

You can attend lessons of Aero yoga one by one as a one-time lesson. You need to go to the schedule section and book up your lesson. Lessons take place in room no. 2. In the schedule, you can find these lessons in 'Room Karlín 2' named 'Aero yoga'   

What to wear

Tight sportswear - long sleeves and pants are ideal. Any jewellery or watches are not allowed in the room

How does a lesson look like

Firstly, your teacher will adjust the level of your net. This procedure can last up to 10 minutes and it is the part that can't be missing. All this is followed by AY Fly training. Relaxation in the net is the last procedure that closes all lessons - another inseparable part which will cause endorphins to have a glorious effect on you and fills you with energy. 

About Aero yoga

Aero Yoga is a new, fascinating style, founded in USA five years ago. It expanded to all American countries and now it enchanted Europe. Unique and specific effect of this air exercise is based on lengthening and strengthening all muscles in your body. This provides fat burning, spine decompression, hydration of your joints, maximum oxygenation and most importantly - it stimulates production of endorphins in your brain! Aero yoga has a positive effect on your physical and mental state and it is highly effective for strengthening belly muscles, whole body muscles and it increases your mobility and flexibility. It also increases your stamina, helps you reduce weight and form your figure and muscles. Aero yoga provides vitality and it keeps you fresh and fit. It is perfect against exhaustion and it reveals mental and physical tension. It stimulates endorphin production in the brain and it develops your mental potential and ability to think. Aero yoga supports heart function, blood circulation system, improves metabolism and it supports digestion and innards activity