Z1 - A course for the very beginners 
Z2 - A course for dancers with at least some experience in Pole Dance. At least 3 months of training with frequency 1-2x a week is required. One should be able to manage basic spins and static components such as crucifix, sit on a pole, windmill and basic inverts.

S1 - A course for pre-intermediate and intermediate dancers. 6 months experience practicing Pole Dance is required. One needs to manage basic inverts such as - inverted crucifix, thigh hold, handstand by the pole, cross knee release, spins and their combinations, spins on one hand, climbing, lay back… You will learn moderately difficult inverts and their combinations (e.g. inside leg hang, outside leg hang, switch from inside to outside leg, flatline etc.) and other spins and static head-up tricks.
S2 - A course for intermediate dancers. Approximate time of 9 months training required. It follows after S1 course. You will practice tricks of medium difficulty and combine them a lot. You can expect e.g. jade, bloody mary, butterfly extended....
S3 - A course for intermediate and upper-intermediate dancers. Approximate time of 1 year training required. Here, we begin with handstands such as: twistes grip, eisha, pencil etc. We also combine these tricks.

P - A course for advanced dancers with individual approach towards dancers, tricks on dancers request, harder tricks combinations.

Pole Dance courses

A course contains 12 lessons which follow each other. Within the first 12 weeks you will know (among other things) how to do the basic invert - turn yourself upside-down. Courses are divided according to your experience and level - from beginners to advanced. You can sign up only for the whole course and singing up for a course that is running is allowed only to dancers, who already have some experience with Pole Dance. Beginners should search for courses that will just begin or have maximum of 3 lessons passed.

Open class

Our open classes are one-time lessons, and/or specially written in our schedule. This contains sample lessons or theme based lessons. Another possibility is to attend one of the course lessons and join the training (if there is a place). Price of one-time open class is different every time and is written in our schedule. A one-time course attendance costs 200Kč.

Open space

Open space is an hour for your own private training. Studio is opened for you and you can train yourself as you like without a teacher.

What to wear

Beginners need a T-shirt and sweatpants or some other comfortable sport wear of this kind. In the half of Z1 course, we will also slowly need to use some shorts. More advanced dancers need shorts and sports top - ideally without sleeves (shoulder straps are the best). In winter, take some warmer clothes with you for the warm up and stretching.

How to sign up

You can sign up through our system - section Schedule. Just click and it will lead you. You can also come to our studio from 17:00 to 21:00 and sign up at the reception desk. Phone reservations are possible only from Monday to Thursday, 17:00-21:00 on +420 222 940 829. 

What do I need to begin?

You need to sign up :)
No special experience or training required. You don't need to know how to climb the pole or how to draw up as everybody mistakenly think. We really start from the very beginning and we will build your strength and physical condition in lessons so quickly, you won't notice :)  You are not a skinny lady? No problem! And don't think you will be training with a bunch of models in your course :) Pole dance is for every woman!

I want to compete

For ambitious dances and sportswomen with an experience we have special competition course. This course will prepare you for Czech Pole Dance Championship in categories: amateur, professional and elite. You can also be trained for Pole battle league, which takes place every month in categories: amateur and professional.